Name Change for Diplomat Specialty and Infusion Pharmacies

May 5, 2021, 10:00 am

Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy is changing its name to Optum Specialty Pharmacy, and Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group is becoming Optum Infusion Pharmacy.  Diplomat is a key part of the Optum family of services and being fully aligned allows Optum to provide a seamless member experience, avoid confusion, and continue to focus on integrated clinical capabilities and exceptional support.  

Since the name change requires new licenses for all Diplomat pharmacies, individuals currently utilizing Diplomat might see the old and new names on various materials into 2021. Current utilizers will be kept informed about the name change through notifications in Optum pharmacy packaging, an online banner with links to more information on the Optum website, and a message when calling Optum customer service.

Please reach out to Optum at 1-855-427-4682 if you have any additional questions regarding this name change.