Workout Clothes And Accessories

Workout Clothes
And Accessories


Wearing the right exercise clothing can make your workout more efficient and more enjoyable. Below are several things to consider when purchasing your work out gear so you can maximize your workout.

Consider your exercise:
Look for workout apparel designed specifically for the type of exercise you'll be doing. Whether you’re doing hot yoga, running or weight lifting, there are different types of clothes that can help you be more comfortable- maximizing your workout.

Flexible fabrics:
Clothing made from polyester and spandex is stretchy and durable, and cotton blends can also provide adequate movement in your sports clothing. This allows you to move and stretch freely in your warm up and core workout.

Moisture-wicking fabrics:
Even for the lightest workouts, sweat and excess moisture can create a problem. Nylon and polyester fabrics work well for moisture-wicking clothing; however, cotton absorbs moisture and can become uncomfortable. Check the label to be sure you've chosen the best moisture-wicking clothing.

Clothes for protection:
If you are hiking or planning to be outside for quite a while, consider wearing layers of exercise clothes both to protect you and to keep you warm. You can always shed a few layers of your active clothing if you get too warm.

Accessories to consider:
Dri-Fit Hat or headband
Fitness water bottle (one with a handgrip or clip for clothing)
Weightlifting gloves
Earphones (and a great playlist to get you going)